Health Benefits Of Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushroom is a type of mushroom that much in love and has many health benefits. If you like it, you can easily find this mushroom in the grocery store. Usually Portobello is sold without sticks and many people love it because it tastes good and becomes a source of family nutrition.

If you have trouble in getting family nutrition you can try the food from Portobello mushrooms. The use of Portobello mushrooms has expanded into the manufacture of pizza and burgers. Using this type of mushroom will give different results from your burger or pizza, the texture is incredible, maybe it is makes it so special.

Not only from the texture side, the nutritional content can also be a special things. Portobello mushrooms contain high fiber, low in calories, rich in minerals and vitamins and contains a magical substance known as petrochemicals, the benefits are very great because it can destroy free radicals.

Well, how? Are you increasingly fond this mushroom, let’s look at the health benefits of Portobello mushrooms.

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Health Benefits Of Portobello Mushrooms

1. Controlling thyroid function

Portobello mushrooms contain high selenium which is claimed to be more than 30%, this is a chemical that functions in maintaining the health of the thyroid. As we know, the thyroid works to produce hormones. Selenium is in charge of regulating thyroid hormone synthesis, maintaining thyroid tissue to fight oxidative stress, hormone production and regulating hormone levels.

Thus, selenium source foods are very good for consumption to relieve symptoms of anxiety, one of those foods is the Portobello mushrooms. That’s all, selenium is also very important in preventing the emergence of thyroid disease.

Health Benefits Of Portobello Mushrooms

2. Ability to fight and prevent cancer

Portobello mushrooms are a powerful and powerful food against cancer-related things. With regard to the benefits for cancer, this fungus contains lectin, grifolin, lentinan and beta-glucan. Indeed, this research is done in the tube but it is very promising as a natural ingredient to fight cancer in the future.

A study concluded that Portobello mushrooms are able to prevent and fight breast cancer. While research conducted in Brazil shows that beta-glutan potent against liver cancer.

So, the food from portobello mushrooms is potent against cancer thanks to the photochemistry, either in mushroom extract or in portobello iotu mushrooms themselves. While phytochemicals are able to respond to foreign compounds and maintain lipid metabolism.

If there is food that can fight cancer cells, of course everyone is very fond of it even though the price is expensive. Portobello mushroom is one of the foods that become a choice of many people, he is able to destroy cancer cells in the body.

3. Prevent migraines and headaches

Furthermore, the health benefits of portobello mushrooms is prevent you from headaches or migraines. This is thanks to the presence of vitamin B2 (riboflavin), it helps those who suffer from headaches and migraines.

When migraine, doctors often prescribe drugs with high content of riboflavin, portobello mushrooms are foods high in vitamin B2 or called riboflavin. Vitamin B helps relieve headaches and migraines.

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4. Improve bone health

Potassium is an important compound for overall health. Portobello mushrooms are foods with healthy potassium content, and it is able to meet the needs of human daily.

In this planet, there are millions of people who experience fatigue due to lack of potassium intake. pain, muscle cramps, depression and anxiety. While portobello mushrooms contain potassium is good for bone health so as to prevent degeneration due to age.

So, not only calcium is important for bone, but potassium also has an important existence. Potassium is useful for optimizing bone nutrient uptake. If someone get deficiency potassium, the nutrients that useful to help bone portobello mushrooms.

5. Balancing cholesterol

The excess of cholesterol can be fatal for health, especially heart and brain. Vitamin-B3 or Niacin is the best substance in lowering bad cholesterol and maintaining good cholesterol (HDL). So, the benefits of portobello mushrooms for health is to maintain a balance of cholesterol which in turn maintains heart health and prevents stroke.

The benefits of vitamin B3 is to increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol levels, and play a role in increasing triglyceride levels.

6. Contains anti-inflammatory

The portobello mushroom has remarkable properties in preventing inflammation and protecting the body from viruses. This is thanks to the presence of L-ergothioneine substances that are useful to prevent inflammation of the body.

Those who lack L-ergothioneine will be easily attacked by the virus and easily experience inflammation in the body.

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7. Very good for diet

Another health benefit you get from portobello mushroom is rich in fiber, protein, minerals and rich in vitamins which are good for diet. Its nutrient almost the same as meat so you can limit the daily calories.

So reasonable if this Portebello Mushroom is perfect as a food for vegetarians. This mushroom can replace the meat in making a burger. High fiber content good for holding satiety, healthy for the intestine, extraordinary to build muscle during exercise because it is high in protein.