Is Sleeping On The Floor Good For You

Is Sleeping On The Floor Good For You – Sleeping on the floor sounds bad and far from well-being. Have you ever slept on the floor with a hard surface, unlike your soft mattress, like sleeping on a ground that only carpeted when you go camping. This is really something that is not fun, especially if you are familiar with soft mattresses equipped with luxurious springs. Well, is sleeping on the floor good for you? You sure to answer “this is not fun”, what if it turns out that sleeping on the floor provides great benefits for your overall well-being. I’m sure you will not get used to this, and ask about the benefits of sleeping on the floor. Keep up with this article, as we will provide the information for you.

Let us continue, before our ancestors never slept in luxury because of technology has not developed. They always sleep on the floor with a rough pad even directly on wood or bamboo that made as floor of your house. Have you ever seen them sick, of course nevertheless they are very rarely sick even their age is generally long, over a hundred years.

Technological developments that are increasingly advanced make people today want to enjoy the luxury and the seats in the bed, seating, even in his personal car. However, did you know that the thick pillow, soft mattress contribute to human disease today. The ease of today, luxury in bed, pillows and thick mattresses have locked our motion so that our body is no longer active in metabolizing.

Well, seeing this reality seems like we have to go back to the past. Admitted or not life as in the past is healthier than our life today. Sleeping on the floor is not only cheap, simple but also healthy for health overall.

To answer the question “Is Sleeping On The Floor Good For You”, let us consider the health benefits of sleeping on the floor. May be useful!

1. Possibly stretch the body naturally

Sleep aims to eliminate fatigue and restore the health of the body as before. If you sleep on a soft place then your body does not put any significant pressure on the floor. Likewise when you sit on a cushioned chair, your ass will sink in the foam and your spine is hard to straighten. If things like this continue to happen then your sleep can not provide the main benefit of restoring health to its original form.

Conversely, sleeping on the floor can stretch your body naturally and contribute positively to health. The strong pressure of your back on the floor, or the pressure of other body parts provides a natural stretch. So, in sleeping you can treat the body to be healthier.

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2. Helps calm back pain

Pain in the back is a common thing that happens in general. Usually back pain like this will heal by itself in a few weeks or months. But if you do not recover, you need to pay attention to your health better, because this could be due to your excessive sleep in a soft and soft place.

If you are experiencing this condition, you need to exercise regularly, if you move less then your condition will get worse. Moreover, you always move in place with soft and soft surface.

Sleeping on a soft mattress makes it difficult for your spine to be straight. In fact, the purpose of sleep is to provide a relaxing opportunity on the body and restore health. Well, when your spine is not in a straight position, then back pain can get worse and chronic. Research reveals that replacing a bed with a -hard place (hard surface) can heal pain on the back.

3. Increase the circulation of growth hormone

One of the benefits of sleeping on the floor is increasing the growth hormone. During sleep, the body releases the hormone produced in the pituitary gland. This growth hormone will be circulated throughout the body, it serves to increase altitude, and increase bone mass. Well, if the bone is not in the right position when sleeping, then this hormone can not be produced.

But if you sleep on the floor, then the backbone will be straight and easy to release growth hormone throughout the body.

4. Stimulate comfort and tranquility

Sleeping on the floor can give you the flexibility to breathe without having to restrain yourself. In addition, you can stretch the body naturally with a flat body with the floor. It provides great benefits for your body, you can wake up the next day with a fresh and more relaxed body.

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5. Fix your back and shoulders

Sleeping on a rough or hard floor is great for restoring posture. This will straighten your shoulders and hips because it is in direct contact with hard objects. The benefit is to align the body position naturally. Sleeping on a soft mattress is not able to align and straighten between your shoulders and hips, this can cause nerves squashed, pain in the hips and even shoulder pain.

To prevent this from happening, you need to sleep on the floor of the mattress with a hard surface. You need to align your body by placing your body on a hard surface.

6. Maintain spinal health

One of the functions of the spine is to support central nervous function and support the body as a whole. So, taking care and maintaining spine health is vital for overall health. In addition, the spine is also directly related to the brain, it consists of 33 parts that support each other.

When sleeping on the surface of a hard object and straightening the shoulder, spine, hip bone and able to maintain this position, it can get maximum benefit from sleep, this is restoring your health to its original form.

7. It is Hygienic

Sleep on the floor is hygienic than on the mattress. If your floor is dirty, you are very easy to clean it so the bed is always hygienic. But unlike your soft mattress, if dirty and sweaty, many bacteria and your germs are very difficult to clean it. Many people just let the sweat become dry and the next day, he again used it to sleep. Imagine, if this happens for months. Are you sure that your body is healthy and free of impurities.

8. No worries

If you are sleeping on a mattress, you may be worried about spilled something that stains, stains, and even many women are worried during menstruation. However, this is different when you sleep on the floor. Looks like you are free and do not have to fear anything because if dirty, the floor is very easy to clean.