urine smells like coffee

Urine is a fluid in the body that becomes a medium for the body to dispose of waste after being filtered by the kidneys. Why does urine smells like coffee? Actually, the smell of urine is from waste. Waste in body comes from everything we eat and drink including drinking coffee. When consuming a lot of coffee then the urine will smell like coffee, when eating jengkol then the urine will smells like jengkol and others.

The Cause of Urine Smells Like Coffee

Consuming too much coffee can cause changes in urine odor. We know that coffee contains some good substances for the body. The substance is a polyphenol such as hydroxycinnamic acid. When the body destroys this substance, it will happen waste that is called metabolite. Metabolites are coffee compounds that convert the smell of urine into the smell of coffee. So, when a person drinks coffee, his urine will change like the smell of coffee.

In addition to hydroxycinnamic acid hoods, coffee also contains caffeine that considered as diuretic. It Mean, drinking coffee can cause a person to urinate more frequently and cause dehydration. If you are dehydrated, the smell of urine will be stronger.

So, one way to overcome the frequency of urination is with limit of drinking coffee. Mayo Clinik recommends that a person only drink 400 mg of caffeine per day. This amount is equal to 4 cups of coffee. If you drink more than 4 cups, your body will be dehydrated, you should balance by drinking more mineral water to keep the body hydrated.

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Apart from the food and drink we drink. The smell of urine can also be caused by other things such as diabetes mellitus. So, if you find the smell of urine without consuming anything, call your doctor for further examination.

Is it dangerous if urine smells like coffee?

Urine that smells like coffee is harmless, it just shows that you drink too much coffee. It only causes dehydration if it is not balanced by drinking lots of water. In addition, the effect of drinking coffee is increase the effect of dopamine that causes you can not close your eyes.

If you want to sleep, avoid drinking coffee. If you want to drink coffee, drink 6 hours before bedtime.

However, you should be wary also if excessive drinking caffeine. Excess caffeine can lead someone to get side effects such as the following:

  • Restless
  • headache
  • Heartbeat is fast
  • agitation
  • nausea and excitement

Besides, there are also more dangerous symptoms. If you notice any of the following symptoms after drinking coffee, contact medical assistance immediately.

  • Gag
  • Chest pain
  • hallucinations
  • seizures and confusion

If My Urine Smells Like Coffee, How to Prevent It

The cause of urine smells like coffee is a lot of coffee drinking. So, how to prevent urine from smelling coffee is with limit the coffee drinking. But someone who is addicted will be difficult to limit it. You can look for alternate alternatives. Reduce coffee and go with a cup of green tea, or black tea, they contain less caffeine than coffee.

Another way to prevent the urine smell of coffee is to dilute your coffee with extra water.


At first, the urine smelled of coffee is very worrying, it was just a result of drinking lots of coffee. So, try drinking plenty of water after drinking coffee. Reduce your daily amount of coffee. If the urine smells strange and unusual, talk about it with your doctor.