Essential tools needed to play Golf

Essential tools needed to play Golf: MOST IMPORTANT

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One would not disagree if we say that there are a plethora of different kinds and types of sports across the world, all of which unique and wonderful in their way. 

Listing them would mean going on and on and immersing into the good old days when we used to find escape in gully cricket, football matches while it rains, and many such memories. 

Games and sports truly hold a special place in all of our lives. But as we grow up, these sports too evolve. One such example is the game of golf. 

We know the most common idea amongst people about golf as a game is that it is meant only for rich people but that is certainly not the case. Also, it is high time to get rid of the age-old ideas and conventions, and thus here we are, talking about this sport just like any other. 

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Now that we have brought it on the same page as all the other sports and games it becomes pretty clear that there are some tools and equipment needed to play the game. Hence, here is a list of essential tools needed to play golf:

  1. Golf Club: A golf club comes as a basic yet essential while playing golf. You can either rent a golf club or buy one for yourself but you are very passionate about the game and sure that you won’t step back it is better to buy one. This way you save a lot of money and can buy the one you wanted or wished for by doing proper research and checking out great deals. The three types of clubs that you should have are- woods, irons, and putters. The three different types are used for different purposes: the wood one for long distant shots, opt for the iron one when you need that perfect precision, and a puffer when you are adequately close to the hole. Once, you have these basic clubs you are simply sorted.  
  2. Golf Bag: Bags are very underrated and we are telling you this so that you would buy a better one for yourself. Most of the time we think of buying something that is cheap and looks average but what we don’t understand is that you won’t be paying attention to the bag as much as you to do the actual equipment. Hence, it is better to invest in a good quality bag and carry it for as long as you are on the golf course. Trust us, you wouldn’t get bored of the bag easily. You can check out this golf bags list as well if you need one.
  3. Golf Balls: If you have been into this game for a fair amount of time you must know the types of balls they have. So, the golf balls have been categorized based on the layers and dimples. About the layers, there are golf balls wit two, three, and four layers. The heavier balls as in the ones with more number of layers travel farther than others while the ones with fewer layers spin more. You must know that the more the layers, the higher the price. Beginners can start with a three-piece design and then contemplate on what works for them.

Moreover, the dimples or indentations on a golf ball are meant to allow the balls to roll smoothly and effortlessly. With the same principle as before, more the indentations, better the flow of the ball.

  1. Golf Tees: While we don’t want to burst the bubble by telling you that these aren’t exactly the tees you think we are talking about but,  we will have to do it. The tees we are talking about are not the clothes or apparel you would need for a golf game but the actual equipment to use on the course. A golf tee is a wooden stand mostly white in color used to hold the ball still so that the player can strike it. A bit of advice, you should carry a sufficient number of them in your golf bag since they tend to break or sink in the ground most of the time. Shaped as nails they can be of a plastic material and different bright colors as well.

So, these were all of the basic and non-optional items you would need while playing a golf game. None of them can be ticked off in a game. But, that’s not it. we do have some other essentials listed too.

Golf Tees
CC: Photo by Jopwell from Pexels
  1. Golf Tech: Be it a simple gym session or a typical elite sport like golf none of it is untouched by the works of technology. Some of the technical stuff that you would need on a golf course are Bluetooth speakers, portable phone chargers, a golf smartwatch, etc. If you want to buy one of these there are plenty of options available in the market and as far as a high-tech smartwatch is considered, Garmin S10 and S20 are the two best Golf smartwatches right now, you can check out this detailed comparison-cum-review of two of the most searched smart accessories: Garmin S10 and Garmin S20 here. 
  2. Weather Alert: If you live in a place where you cannot predict the weather and have to be prepared at all times you should carry some of the necessities in your golf bag as well. For when it rains you must have a pair of rain gloves, club cover, rain jacket and a waterproof bag or pouch to keep in the valuables like your phone, wallet, etc. To be prepared for the cold you must carry a set of winter gloves, a woolen cap, handwarmer packs, and a jacket.

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So, if you are starting with the game of golf and want to excel in it these were some of the things you cannot skip on buying or have second thoughts about. These not only give an impression of your preparedness but also the passion and dedication for a good game. Consider this as your checklist and you will be good to go. Happy golfing!

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