Exercise Machine to Lose Weight

Top 10 Exercise Machine to Lose Weight

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Do you want to lose weight but don’t want to go to the gym for a workout. So don’t worry about making your home gym. But you need to use the perfect equipment which help you to lose weight at home. So we have some good machines for you. Read our article about best 10 weight loss machine and buy 2-3 of them and do a workout at home it will definitely help you to lose weight. 

10 Best Exercise Machine for Weight Loss

10 Exercise MachineNamePrice IdeaBuy Now
Treadmill #1. Treadmill Under $500 to $800 Buy Now
Rowing Machine #2. Rowing Machine Under $400 to $800 Buy Now
Exercise Bikes #3. Exercise Bikes Under $200 to $500 Buy Now
Stepmill #4. Stepmill Under $100 to $700 Buy Now
Ab Roller machine #5. Ab Roller machine Under $20 to $200 Buy Now
Vibration Exercise machine #6. Vibration Exercise machine Under $200 to $400 Buy Now
Morning Walker #7. Morning Walker Under $100 to $300 Buy Now
Exercise Ball #8. Exercise Ball Under $15 to $100 Buy Now
Inversion Table #9. Inversion Table Under $100 to $400 Buy Now
Stepper machine #10. Stepper machine Under $100 to $700 Buy Now


Treadmill Machine

Treadmills are the right machine for those who want to lose weight. To lose weight you need to burn calories. Walking on the treadmill will help you lose your weight. You just need to walk at least 30 minutes everyday on treadmill. We’ll recommend you to walk approximately 60 minutes everyday to prevent health risks. It will also help you burn calories quickly. If you burn 3500 calories you’ll lose 1 pound of weight. With our recommendation you’ll lose 150 calories everyday. So this should be your first choice if you want to lose weight at your home. 

2.Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine
Rowing Machine

If you want to be fit your whole life with just a bit of exercise daily. Here is the perfect machine for you. It will help you to lose weight, Upper body workout, Lower body workout. Exercising on rowing machine help you strengthen your muscles mainly your lower back and core, which prevent back pain as well as back injuries. It is also good for lose belly fat.You just need to rowing it everyday around 40-50 minutes it will solve your back problems and help you lose weight. You should definitely try it out. 

3.Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes
Exercise Bikes Machine

In childhood we all were done cycling in the fresh air. Exercise bikes are no less in this regard. Cycling on an exercise bike is very good for burning calories. Cycling is also good for your knees it helps you do aerobic exercise. Cycling will lose your overall body fat. You just need to burn more calories than you consume for getting a lean body for girls and muscular for boys out there. These bicycles are best machines for losing weight and burning calories. You can use it in your room. You must need to try it at least once. 


Stepmill Machine

Stepmill is just like treadmill but just like a moving escalator which help you to work on Abdominal muscles, hamstrings and Quadriceps.This machine will help you to strengthen your lower body. It will help you to reduce your body fat by burning calories everyday. It will give you a powerful lower body workout, building stronger muscles in your legs,core and hips. In my opinion you just need 30 minutes everyday to run on this staircase escalator which helps you to burn calories. 

5.Ab Roller machine

Ab Roller machine
Ab Roller Machine

Ab roller is very unique, lightweight and convenient machine. It is very effective in building your abdominal and oblique muscles,With the help of this you can strengthen your hips, shoulders and triceps. If you want to build your six pack Abs, this is the best machine you can go for it. 

6.Vibration Exercise machine

Vibration Exercise machine
Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibration machine is  very useful for those who want to workout but they don’t have time for that. You just need to take 10 minutes of vibration a day it will work like an hour of workout. This machine is specially designed for losing weight. You can burn calories from this. You can lose weight from this method very early. We must suggest you to go for it. 

7.Morning Walker

Morning Walker
Morning Walker Machine

If you want to go to morning walk for fresh air and good health, but missing it out because of some reasons here we got you the right product. Morning walker gives you feel of morning walk. It also helps you to maintain your heart rate and helps you to lose weight. This machine will help you to burn calories and build muscles with the help of a healthy diet. 

8.Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball
Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball is also known as Gym Ball. This product is easily available in the market. This ball add fun in your workout. It is used to strengthen your body. You can use this to do Wall Squat, chest press, decline push-ups, shoulder presses, hamstring curls and back extension exercises. It also helps you to build your abdonimal muscles. You must buy this one because this will add fun in your workout and you will enjoy being fit. 

9.Inversion Table

Inversion Table
Inversion Table

If you are tired of your back pain. So this is the right product you can go for. This inversion table stretch and absorb all the tension from your muscles which let you to back spine injury. It also good for increasing blood circulation and reduce stress. With the help of this table you can lose weight too. So this is one of the best machines we have for you. 

10.Stepper machine 

Stepper machine
Stepper Machine

Stepper machine is very good for your lower body muscles. This machine works on hamstrings, Quadriceps, Glutes and calf muscles. This machine is also good for weight lose, you can burn belly fat calories from other machine’s too, but you need to burn overall fat for losing weight. It will also give a boost to your immune system, and is also good for your heart rate, blood circulation. You must go for this machine. 

So we got you the top 10 weight loss exercise machines ,Now the choice is yours which of them you may go for please let us know too. 

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