How to Curl Natural Hair Without Heat?

How to Curl Natural Hair Without Heat?

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We all love styling our hair on every day basis. A lot of styling products are available in the market that can help you in styling your hair. But to your dismay these products usually contain high amount of chemicals in them which can harm your hair considerably. Heating irons are also available in the market which can help you get those beautiful curls in no time but again they are harmful for your hair. But don’t worry we have come up with natural ways of curling your hair, yes folks this is possible. Try out the methods listed below to curl your hair naturally

Braid Method:

  1. You can use this method to curl your hair naturally 
  2. Wash and condition your hair. Gently comb out the tangled hair and dry with a towel until it is just damp, don’t fully dry your hair.
  3. Now, braid damp hair into two pigtails. Part your hair into two equal halves and braid and tie it using a rubber band. For natural look, use your fingers and loosen your braids a bit.
  4. For looser-looking waves one single braid is enough.
  5. Try fishtail braid for natural waves.
  6. For tighter curls make three or four sections and then make braids. For thick hair separate your hair into more than four sections.

Once you have chosen the method all you have to do is keep the braid overnight or until your hair gets completely dried. Upbraid carefully and viola you have those enviable curls.

Roller Method

  1. Most famous method used to curl hair naturally 
  2. Get rollers from any cosmetic shop. Big rollers for wider curls and small for smaller curls. Shampoo and condition as usual. Now damp dry your hair and start rolling your hair using the rollers. Before rolling comb thoroughly to remove tangles. 
  3. Roll your hair section wise. Pin or attach as per the guidelines of that particular roller.
  4. Leave it full day or at least for seven hours to set. Remove rollers when your hair is completely dry.  Now apply any serum or leave-in conditioner. You are ready to go. 
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T-shirt Strips

You can curl hair naturally using t shirt strips or any similar fabric clothes. 

  • Cut strips out from the body of the t-shirt. Cut the strips as wide as you want your curls to be. For small curls make 1 inch wide strip and for bigger curls make them up to 3 inches wider.
  • If you don’t have an old t-shirt, you can use long socks, dish towels, other items of clothing, and even paper bags. You have to make sure the length of the strips is two inches longer than your hair.
  • Now make Sections of your hair. Take up the bottom of a t-shirt strip with hair tip. Roll toward roots and tie both ends of the strip, to set the curls.
  • If you want to curl half length don’t tie the strips where you want the curls to stop.
  • Roll your hair under for inward curls curving to neck. Roll outward for curls to bounce out.
  • Leave for the day or at least seven hours to set. Remove rollers when your hair is dry. Use serum or leave-in conditioner.

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