How to Stop Facial Hair Growth Due to PCOS

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a kind of disorder which causes enlargement of ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. Due to PCOS, a woman’s hormones are affected. Facial hair and acne are two symptoms of Polycystic ovarian syndrome. More than the desired amount of male hormones are produced in a female’s body which leads to an inflation in the amount of facial hair.

Many women find the presence of excessive facial hair unpleasant and wish to get rid of them. Many treatments and remedies have been discovered so far. This article will throw light on various ways that can help in removing facial hair that are caused due to Polycystic ovarian syndrome. But unfortunately, all these treatments take a lot of time to come into effect and one needs to be very patient. 

  • Management of insulin level: some amount of testosterone is produced in every woman’s body but those affected by the PCOS have larger amount of testosterone present in their body. 
  • Women can manage this extra amount of testosterone by managing the presence of insulin inside the body, which is only possible by following a pcos diet. PCOS diet includes low glycemic index foods, gluten and soy products. Avoid dairy products. 
  • Waxing and threading can also help in removing the facial hair. Although these methods are quite painful, but it takes few days for facial hair to grow again. Some people who are allergic to wax should not opt for this method.
  • Laser hair removal is also another effective way of reducing the amount of facial hair occurring due to Polycystic ovarian syndrome. This method is quite cheap but facial hair are permanently removed through this method. The biggest plus point of this treatment is that it is done under the guidance and presence of specialist doctors which makes it safer. 
  • Avoid dairy products as much as you can. Dairy products have Insulin growth factor 1, which increases the level of testosterone inside the body.
  • Many women who struggle with hormonal acne see an improvement within a week of giving up dairy products. 
  • Proper medication can help in getting rid of facial hair.
  • Hormonal therapies can also help.
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Tea tree and lavender oil are helpful in removing facial hair and sometimes using bleach might also help.

Women find it very unpleasant when they find long facial hair and they wish to remove them. Not many women are able to properly treat this problem. If one wants to remove the problem from its core, then it is necessary to control the testosterone level.

After the removal of ovaries, the balance of hormones is disturbed and as a result, acne and excessive facial hair occur. Many remedies and treatments have been discussed in this article, so that many women, who are suffering from this problem get help and get rid of these problems. Hope these remedies would be helpful.

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