Know The Cause Of Insomnia: Follow The Sleep Time Table

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Insomnia is a serious sleep disorder that enhances by long time asleep and early wake up in the morning which has been effective for our health. Today various people suffer from insomnia just because of workload, depression and other health disease and they can sleep on this because of these given reasons. Research says 50% of adults are exaggerated from insomnia and scientist also recommends natural ways to Know the Cause of Insomnia.  

Study tells us another several causes of insomnia such as environmental factors such as noise pollution, emotional distress like financial problems, weak health, and official work also. These are common disease and it converted into headache, body pain and laziness also.

Know The Cause Of Insomnia:

  • Mental Health Disease: if you are affected by mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and awakening too early. Mental health disorder always disrupts your lifestyle such it increases long-time depression and anxiety which generally produce insomnia.   
  • Overmedication: over medication are harmful effects for health because it can interfere with sleep. Pain medications, allergic and other weight loss medication are not good for health because these are consist of caffeine that may directly affect your sleeping system.
  • Alcohol: alcohol is highly dangerous for health and if you are taking it alcohol such as wine and smoking than you may asleep earlier and it is also responsible for awakening you in the middle of the night. Nicotine also includes tobacco products that also interfere in your sleeping system as well.
  • Aging Effect: aging effect is also a cause of disturbance in the sleeping system because they take more medication for body pain, asthma and to prevent from cancer also. Study says a large number of medication increases the risk of insomnia.

When Insomnia Greater in women?

In women: during various health problem changes your hormonal function such as during menstrual cycle your sleeping system can increase. As well as it can be feeling during pregnancy that is very common in this time period.

after the 50s: if you had been cross 50-year-old than you automatically feel lack of sleep due to tension and long term health disorder which is very painful and you can sleep properly on your bed.

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Tips for insomnia prevention:

  • Set Wake And Sleep Time: you need to fix your wake and sleeping time.
  • Go For Workout: regular exercise & training session may improve your daily routine and you will be active for the day.
  • Avoid Naps in Day: do not sleep after rising sun because your whole effects and your night sleeping also will be change. After comes in contact with insomnia will weak day by day and you will have to face various health disorders also.   

Avoid Heavy Meal: before going to the bed you must eat light and healthy food that plays a helpful role to give a comfortable sleep.